For 12 years and under only! All include free beverage (pop or milk) and a small sundae for dessert!!
Plates / Baskets / Sandwiches are served with french fries and cole slaw or applesauce.
Dinners are served with a side salad or a cup of soup, hot vegetable and choice of potato.

Hot Dog Plate
Boiled or char-broiled
Penne Pasta & Meatballs
Penne pasta served with sauce and our special meatballs.
Roast Beef or Turkey Plate
Your choice of tender sliced roast beef or breast turkey.
Mini Haddock Fish Fry
Prepared to your liking with cold salads or as a dinner.
Half Rack BBQ Baby Back Ribs
A half-rack of tender baby back rib pieces.
Macaroni & Cheese
A child size portion of our home made mac and cheese.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
A classic kid favorite!
Chicken Fingers (3)
Served plain or with your choice of dipping sauces.
Chicken Wings (5)
Served plain or with your choice of dipping sauces.
Cheese Ravioli
Noodle pockets filled with cheese and served with sauce.
Popcorn Shrimp
Breaded and deep fried popcorn shrimp.
Loaded Porky-Pig Fries
Fresh-cut or Krinkle fries covered with our homemade BBQ Pulled Pork and smothered with melted Monterey Jack & Cheddar cheeses. PLatter is larger, and double the amount of BBQ Pork.
Mozzarella Sticks
Breaded sticks of mozzarella cheese deep fried to golden brown and served with dipping sauce.
Hamburger or Cheeseburger
Plain or with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo on a toasted roll. Add your choice of cheese.
Chicken Pot Pie
A smaller version of our home made crust, filled with chunks of chicken meat and our homemade gravy. Baked to order.
4oz Filet Mignon
A 4 ounce cut of our Certified Black Angus beef perfect for our younger guests.
Mini Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza
Our homemade pizza dough baked to perfection with cheese and pepperoni over our signature pizza sauce.
Pierogi (2)
A Polish treat of pan-fired stuffed pockets with your choice of cheese, sauerkraut or potato fillings. Served with fresh rye bread and butter.