Guinness and 11 other draft choices, bottled beer, wine and cocktails are available. We also serve nonalcoholic beer and wines.

Bottomless Fresh Brewed Columbian Coffee
McCullagh Premium Blend - Regular or de-caf served with half and half or heavy whipped cream.
Tea Pot
Orange - Pekoe Tea along with a selection of flavored teas served in a ceramic tea pot at your table. Includes 1 refill
Creamy Hot Chocolate
Hot whipped cocoa topped with whipped cream.
Root Beer On Tap
Smooth Saranac non-alcoholic brew boured straight from the keg and served in a frosty 10oz. mug. Includes 2 free refills.
Arizona Bottled Green Tea
Chilled to perfection and refreshing.
2% white or chocolate.
Bottled Spring Water
A large 20 oz bottle of natural spring water.
French Vanilla Cappuccino
A creamy whipped cappuccino topped with whipped cream.
Soda Pop & Non Carbonated Beverages (includes up to 3 refills)
Cola, lemon-lime, ginger ale, tonic, grapefruit, club soda, loganberry, hi-c orange, hi-c fruit punch, lemonade, raspberry tea, lemon-sugar tea, and plain tea.
Home Made Milk Shakes
Old fashion blended from hand-dipped ice cream and milk. Choose your flavor - vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate malted, creamsicle, and strawberry.
Red Bull
A refreshing energy drink.
Tomato, clamato, orange, apple, grapefruit, cranberry and pineapple.
Lake Erie Tap Water
New York state's finest FILTERED water served with or without lemon.

GDI Special Irish Coffee
A fleshly brewed coffee laced with irish cream, grand marnier and kahlua.
Irish Coffee
Please specify a blend of irish whiskey and coffee, or irish cream and coffee.
Creamy Frozen Ice Cream Blended Cocktails
Made with ice cream and your choice of a mudslide, pina colada, strawberry sundae or orange creamsicle.
Raspberry Sour
A switch from the old whiskey sour. This one is blended raspberry liqueur, cocktail mix and sugar.